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After School Art

Starting April 5th 2023 (Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:00pm)

In this 5-week art workshop, students will be introduced to a variety of art-making styles using different materials and techniques, drawn from different eras throughout art history. This class is geared towards students with a keen interest in the arts, who are looking to explore new mediums, which will draw upon on the students’ individual artistic styles.

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Sketchbook Club

Whether you draw regularly or are just getting started, Sketchbook Club is a fun way to grow your own creative practice in the company of others. These classes are materials-based, as we explore everything from watercolours and gouache to charcoal and pastel. Ideal for beginners who are looking for an introduction to a variety of media, and for those with more experience who are looking for inspiration and community.

We’ll begin with warm-up activities and a demonstration. Each session, Sarah will demo a different art material or technique for you to try. After plenty of time to draw together, we will close with a show and tell, as we share our sketches with the group.

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Lino with Lola

Friday March 17 2023

Learn with Lola, a local queer artist and printmaker, how to design, carve, ink, and print your own linocut prints. This guided workshop is designed for participants age 16+ at any level of artistic skill. We will go over vocabulary, techniques, materials, and safety before diving into creating your own lino block stamp! You can follow one of three designs created for this class, or  design your own, making this suitable to absolute beginners as well as artists looking to try out a new medium. At the end of the two hour workshop, you will be able to take home up to 10 black and white prints of your making, as well as your custom lino block and the know-how to make many more!

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Rosey Cheekes

Rosey Cheekes (Randi), a Canadian illustrator who draws inspiration from anything that is cute, fun and delicious. Randi loves combining animals and food with a hint of minimalism, bringing the creations to life in various forms from vector illustrations to adorable murals and bags.

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Emily May Rose

Emily May Rose is an award-winning artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Based on her own experiences, Emily’s work features a cast of recurring characters (most notably her weed-smoking, pizza-eating raccoons) to depict humorous situations that are relatable to many of us who are trying to survive in an urban environment. Her work can be found in many formats including murals, editorial illustration, apparel design, installations, and gallery settings. Her murals can be found all over the world where she's painted in street art festivals, artist residencies, and other commissions during her various travels.

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Robert John Patterson

Illustrator, designer, print maker – proudly Canadian. Equal parts 1940’s science fiction and 1960s graphic design. Robert John Paterson approaches each illustration with the goal of expressing the most while showing the least. He love to tell stories with his pictures by communicating complex ideas with simplified shapes and colours.

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