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Kid Art Classes

In this 5-week art workshop, students will be introduced to five different art-making styles using a variety of materials and techniques, drawn from different eras throughout art history. This class is geared towards students with a keen interest in the arts, who are looking to explore new mediums. We will try Lino-cutting, painting, sculpture, still life, with the final session in the workshop creating a collaborative art mural, which will draw upon on the students’ individual artistic styles.

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Paint-Along Night

Create you very own masterpiece with step-by-step guidance from your instructor, Faith Fetish. This week’s painting theme is skyline. No artistic experience is necessary, the main goal is having fun! Perfect for date nights, group outings, or a solo activity to unwind and make new friends. Each participant will take home their finished 16”x20” canvas painting.

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Intro to Watercolours

Want to get into watercolours but don’t know where to start? Yasir can help you do just that. In this course, he will teach you the absolute basics of watercolours to help you get started on your watercolour journey. This includes essential advice on materials, composition, tonal values, brush techniques, colour theory, and how to keep things simple, vibrant, and lively! So start on the right foot with watercolours under Yasir’s guidance and discover a path simplifying complicated scenes and turning them into beautiful watercolour landscape and cityscape paintings.

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Featured Artists

Rosey Cheekes

Rosey Cheekes (Randi), a Canadian illustrator who draws inspiration from anything that is cute, fun and delicious. Randi loves combining animals and food with a hint of minimalism, bringing the creations to life in various forms from vector illustrations to adorable murals and bags.

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Emily May Rose

Emily May Rose is an award-winning artist and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Based on her own experiences, Emily’s work features a cast of recurring characters (most notably her weed-smoking, pizza-eating raccoons) to depict humorous situations that are relatable to many of us who are trying to survive in an urban environment. Her work can be found in many formats including murals, editorial illustration, apparel design, installations, and gallery settings. Her murals can be found all over the world where she's painted in street art festivals, artist residencies, and other commissions during her various travels.

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Jieun Kim (AKA. June)

Jieun Kim (AKA. June) is Toronto based, Korean born painter, illustrator, ceramist and activist public muralist. She has exhibited her paintings around the world since 2010 at notable galleries and events, exploring the idea of “home” as an immigrant. As an expansion of her studio work, Jieun is also interested in creating safe spaces through street art.

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