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Rosey Cheekes

Rosey Cheekes (Randi), a Canadian illustrator who draws inspiration from anything that is cute, fun and delicious. Randi loves combining animals and food with a hint of minimalism, bringing the creations to life in various forms from vector illustrations to adorable murals and bags.

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Ze Han (韓澤)

Ze Han (韓澤) is a Toronto based illustrator.

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Jieun Kim (AKA. June)

Jieun Kim (AKA. June) is Toronto based, Korean born painter, illustrator, ceramist and activist public muralist. She has exhibited her paintings around the world since 2010 at notable galleries and events, exploring the idea of “home” as an immigrant. As an expansion of her studio work, Jieun is also interested in creating safe spaces through street art.

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Nice collection of artists and good quality prints! Will be back again to see what other artists you've added to your roster. Thanks!


Thank you Northern Contemporary and Emily May Rose for the beautiful prints! Their website made it super easy to purchase and support local artists. I encourage all Torontonians to check them out and support local through the holidays! 


Wonderful customer service and quick delivery! Thanks again!