Issue #3 - Behind the scenes!

Hi Internets!

We've been asked a bunch of questions about our foray into printmaking and thought we'd answer some of them this month. We probably won't be able to answer them all but if you have any other questions feel free to drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


1) What are the benefits of having a print shop?

One of the main things is having the ability to exhibit a lot of artists. If we tried to exhibit all the artwork on display in the shop we would need a much larger wall that what we had in the past. Also we don't have to take down the work to put up more. 

2) What was the one thing you didn't expect to be so much work?

We have to do a lot more shooting and documentation of the work than we thought. Every piece eventually gets shot for the website with a DSLR and strobe lighting. It's a lot of work but at the same time we don't want garbage photography either. Doesn't help anyone, y'know?

3) How much space do you need?

It really depends on the amount of work that's being produced and shipped but essentially you need a space to store packaging materials (We never thought boxes of shipping tubes would take up so much space!), a production space (Everything is printed to order so we don't keep stock lying around), photography space and a space dedicated for general web/office-y stuff. 

4) What are the future plans for the shop?

Honestly, we're just taking everything day to day. We talk to other artists and friends about exhibiting more work but have no definite plans other than to explore new ideas. That being said, be on the look out for more artists to join the shop and different pieces other than prints in the future!


That's it for now! Stay in touch and we'll see you in the spring!



-Emily, Hitoshi & Vince