Issue #1 - So we opened a print shop!


Welcome to our new print shop! Since we can't invite you to exhibitions we figure we might as well bring some art to you. As expected, COVID19 shut our gallery/creative space down but that's no reason to stop doing what we do. Anyway, here's where we're at! 



After spending almost 6 months trying to find another space we decided we needed to do something different: Something that shady landlords/political policy couldn't affect us. Fine art prints was the natural result. We have been producing work ourselves ever since we started and had access to some incredible equipment to create some amazing prints for our shows (If you came to Beeple's exhibition you've seen what we can do) so we quickly created a website and started the shop in late November with a fledgling list of 5 artists we really loved and already had a relationship with, crossed our fingers and launched the site!

It's only been about a month now but we've changed the website to support additional artists and are adding even more. If you know of an artist who might be interested in joining us shoot us a message and we'll check them out!



I think it goes without saying, but we're ready to put 2020 behind us and are excited for 2021. That being said, we still need to say goodbye and good riddance to the year that shall not be named. We were thinking of an appropriate send off and it only seemed appropriate that Emily May Rose create a piece that truly reflected what 2020 meant to so many of us. 


"2020" by Emily May Rose is available as 8"x10" and 16"x20", both are an edition of 50 and each print comes signed and numbered. This is also a timed release, available only during the month of January (or until we sell out!) 

Over half of the available prints have sold, and all the 8"x10"s have sold out!! Only a few 16"x20"prints remain. Don't sleep on this!



We're still figuring out what this actually is but we hope we can share our ups and downs so you guys can know where we're coming from and why we do what we do. Also, we learn best from all the amazing feedback from you and everyone else on the internets so please let us know how we can be better and any other recommendations. We have more artists and can't wait to share them.

Thanks for joining us on this voyage!


-Emily, Hitoshi & Vince